Now in production A film about a tragic hero – her greatest accomplishments and her ultimate downfall. Her brilliance is matched only by her darkness. … Reliving Marilyn is an intimate look behind the mask the world saw. A glimpse of an extraordinary woman, an artist struggling with her demons, and a dear friend who was always there for her on her journey.
As fans of Marilyn Monroe, we see this tribute to her as a kind of love letter across the years, peeking at scenes of great importance to her emotionally, scenes of joy, of friendship and loyalty, and scenes of struggle, as well.  We recognize that for all her brilliance, she was also sometimes sad and lonely, a beautiful spirit in a frail vessel, this film is our way of showing that duality, that contradiction to the world.

We are currently trying to raise the money needed to do a proper job of this film.  We will need to carefully reconstruct the 50’s to be certain that the film sweeps you away, and doesn’t look half-done.  Over the next couple of months, we will be filming in Ottawa and Niagara Falls , and will be posting teasers.  We will also start other fundraising efforts, and welcome all help, cash, publicity, or props & equipment.  Even the loan of 50’s era bungalows for locations!


Or you can donate HERE or contact us for other ways to get involved.

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  1. I am a makeup artist who is very interested in getting involved. Please contact me if you could use my assistance! -Vanessa

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