Photos from Niagara Falls!

The August 1st long weekend found us in Niagara Falls (Canada side) to shoot the first three scenes of Reliving Marilyn. 


We shot both at the top of the Falls, and by the river a few kilometers downstream.  All of the footage looks amazing!

Here is Willow and the crew setting up for the first shot: Scene 25.


I mention Willow specifically, because the clever boy wore a “security shirt” in bright red.  No-one noticed that it was from the Ottawa Folk Festival, they just saw SECURITY on the back.  As a result, we had a huge cleared space to work in!


Here, Brad (our cameraman in Niagara) waits to film Nadine as Marilyn, with Morgan in the foreground photographing her.  Does she ever look awesome!


A shot from one scene (Scene 27?) where Nadine has absolutely captured the essence of Marilyn!


Principal photography has started!


Nadine Banville as “Marilyn”.


We have now filmed three scenes for our epic film: Reliving Marilyn.

We all journeyed to Niagara Falls on the August long weekend, and (with the help of our  dear supporters at indiegogo) we shot some amazing scenes with both the Cdn and US falls in the background!

And it’s not too late to get involved.  You can donate via using the email address.